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tackedtalk talked by your brother. >> so we have a lot to get to today. mitt romney. all of the momentum this morning. >> wow. yes. overwhelming. yeah, marco rubio, could that have been a lessen tuesdayiastic endorsement? well getting mad. >> yeah. >> he said literally because he doesn't want a floor fight. >> yeah. whatever. >> had to pick somebody. so i guess i go for romney i guess. >> oncoming my god, speaking of marco rubio. i did not know this. guess what he used to be as a child? >> cuban? >> a mormon. >> really? >> god gloria! she is not a christian! >> i don't know anyone who is a christian. >> he wasspent his childhood as a faithful mormon, baptized into the mormon church with his family at around age of 8, remained active in the faith a number of years as a "ute". >> he got out because -- or is he still? >> no he returned to the catholic church a few years later receiving his first communion when he was 13 . >> all right. >> just saying. >> i am just saying. >> rubio fund fancycts. would you like more. >> sure. >> he formed a singing group wit
me on. >> i wonder if mitt romney handed him that when working on healthcare in mast. >> kathleen, are you following the trayvon martin case. this is breaking news, the surveillance video, he said trayvon attacked him and his nose was bleeding, the surveillance cameras shows nothing, nothing on the back of his head. >> speaking from experience, if you have a head wound it bleeds like crazy, if he had a broken nose his shirt would be covered with blood. >> do you have a head wound story? >> it was something dumb in high school, i needed four stitches in the top of my scalp. >> what were you doing? >> it was so dumb. we were bored during rehearsal and we were leapfrogging over chairs. >> theater rehearsal? >> yeah. and somehow i failed to notice that one of the chairs was in a doorway, i was so focused on what i was jumping on and i hit my head, the door jamb. >> theater injury. >> and this is why straight guys in theater don't go together. because you were doing your particular macho straight guy s
the heart. you can picture mitt romney, the rombot watching going that seems like human emotion rombot cannot emulate that. >> rombottom knows the motion. it is what he feels when he fires someone. blood is rushing to certain parts of my body. so confusing. what is this? a smile? ♪ i'm in. i'm getting to fire someone ♪ >> stephanie: when we did santa fe and detroit sexy liberal, that was several shows ago. republican primary. how are you enjoying the present state? >> i've been live tweeting the debates. i had to go down from every debate to every third debate because i had run out of keebler elf jokes for ron paul. but -- >> stephanie: is he still in it? why aren't there no reporters? >> who wants double fudge? [ laughter ] >> pecan sandies. >> they're delicious. those elves, they know what they're doing. >> well, they work for the private sector. >> those aren't socialist cookies. >> btw they don't have healthcare. if you're an elf and you get hurt, you're screwed. >> hope it heals itself. >> st
romney's running mate. >> there you go! >> that's how you bring it back to politics. he's not yet crazy enough to be in the republican field in to 12. to -- in 2012. >> now that's politically correct. >> really, that's you guys working the title into conversation? directly? >> i have not had a chance -- >> i wore my current swag today. >> i haven't had a chance to congratulate you on your wonder woman background. >> i neat need bulletproof bracelets. >> do you have to run behind a bush and spin? >> nothing from you? >> we are watching john -- >> yeah. ♪ >> a broke super hero. >> dodging the bullets of deceit. finding off -- stephanie miller! ♪ all the world is waiting for you ♪ >> wonder woman! >> okay. >> by the way, for those of you who are wondering, yes, indeed if you listen to charlie daniels "the devil went down to georgia," yes, it's the wonderwoman theme. i don't know what he had about the show. >> musicologist, hal sparks. >> we are watching this on cnn right there. >>
to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. >>> ladies and gentlemen it's "the stephanie miller show." ♪ walking on sunshine, i'm walking on sunshine wooho and it feels good, all right now ♪ >> yuuwee. >> it's actually raining in l.a., we're not walking on sunshine. >> jim's here, first time on tv, missed the beginning of the tv show but that's all right. >> it's becauser recalldo rivera stopped him, he looked suspicious. >> wearing a hoodie in the parking garage. it's the "the stephanie miller show" day one on current tv and it may be our last day depending on how many times jim does the al gore impression. i don't think he's -- >> it occurs to me you're using way too much paper. >> we think we're already using too much paper. we're like 30 seconds in. >> in the making of this show, i can't even speculate how much paper. >> jim's in the minutes and charlie rangel -- >> there's that minute, again -- mimicking again, well, it wasn't the mick
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5